Prestashop Modules

How to Shop

  1. You can browse from product categories available or click on (A)“SHOP NOW” on the slideshows or promoted items if you are interested.

  2. You can also type and search the product name or keyword on the (A)“Search” box at the top right hand corner.

  3. Click on the (A)product photo or (B)click "VIEW DETAILS" button to go to the product page.

    Select the (A)color, (B)quantity, and (C)size of product you want to purchase then click (D)"ADD TO CART".

  4. There will be a pop-up confirmation page. Make sure your product choices and its attributes are correct. Click on (A)"CONTINUE SHOPPING" or (B)" PROCEED TO PURCHASE" button.

    You can (A)add the quantity of your order or (B)delete it. You can also type voucher code on (C)"VOUCHERS" form. Then click on(D) "CONTINUE SHOPPING" or (E)"PROCEED TO PURCHASE" button.

  5. (A)"CREATE AN ACCOUNT" to "REGISTER" if you are a new customer or (B)"SIGN IN" if you already have a member.

  6. (A)"CHOOSE A DELIVERY ADDRESS" or (B)"ADD A NEW ADDRESS" then click on (C)"PROCEED TO PURCHASE" again. Uncheck the little box (D)“Use the delivery address as the billing address.” if the delivery address is different with the billing address. You can also (E)"UPDATE" your address and (F)make a note for your order.

  7. Choose a (A)"SHIPPING" option and check the (B)Terms of Service agreement box. Then click on (C)"PROCEED TO PURCHASE" again.

  8. Select a (A)Payment Method and click on (B)"PROCEED TO PURCHASE" again.

    There will be a short summary of your order. Click on (A)"I CONFIRM MY ORDER" button to confirm or (B)"OTHER PAYMENT METHODS" button to go back to Payment Method page.

  9. Make a bank transfer with the correct amount shown.  Please confirm your payment by attach your transfer receipt to and your order will be sent as soon as we receive the payment.